Legal and natural persons are able, under certain conditions, to rent the apartments in Croatia situated in their private houses. They can rent maximum of 8 rooms or 16 beds. However, there are certain limitations for foreigners, for both physical and legal persons

Limitations regarding physical persons limit, for now, the possibility that foreign citizens rent the apartments in their private houses. This limitation stops for citizens of European Economic Area and EU Member States on the day of accession of the Republic of Croatia, when these citizens will be able, under same conditions as Croatian citizens, to offer these rent service.

Therefore, foreign physical persons cannot rent the apartments in their own houses in Croatia, but they can register a craft or they can found a company in Croatia that will do the renting for them.

However, there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled:

  1. A craft or a company need to be found/registered, and the apartments for rent need to be situated in houses owned by that company/craft.
  2. The decision needs to be acquired from The Office of the State Administration in the County competent for Tourism (Office for tourism)
  3. Work permit or business permit need to be acquired. They are issued with a validity period equal to the one of the decision from the office for tourism.
  4. Temporary work residence permit needs to be acquired.

Most important of these 4 conditions is the decision of the office for tourism. The office shall issue requested decision only if the craft/company:

– is registered and authorized to perform rent services

– has the usage rights over the object

– the object fulfills the conditions prescribed for the apartment category.

When a company is found or a craft is registered, activities which that company/craft is authorized to perform are also registered in the court register.

Object usage right are demonstrated by a title deed and as well with building and usage permit. It is important to note that in these permits there must be a note that this object is in business or mixed (housing-business) zone. Otherwise, if the apartment is in housing zone, a craftsman of a company cannot perform rent services in those apartments.

The competent office for tourism determines, on ones request, if minimal conditions for this art and object category are satisfied.

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