Born: 27.02.1996.



Theme of the thesis: “Establishment of a Limited liability company“ – a comparison of Croatian and Austrian law, Commercial law and Company law, under the mentorship of doc. dr. sc. Antonije Zubović

Average grade of all 5 years of study: 4.44 (out of 5.0)

SEPTEMBER 2018. –  JULY 2019

University of Salzburg, Faculty of law, Churfürststraße 1, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

(Comparative private law, International sports law, arbitration and management, Practical issues of international arbitration, Comparative constitutional law, International intellectual property law, International investment protection)

12. -18. APRIL 2019.

26th Vis Moot Vienna (Moot Court in Vienna, international commercial arbitration)

10. APRIL  2019.                                     

Moot Court Ljubljana, Slovenia (preparation  for Moot Court in Vienna, international  commercial arbitration)

20. MARCH 2019.                                  

Moot Court Erlangen, Germany  (preparation  for Moot Court in Vienna, international  commercial arbitration)

OCTOBER 2014. –  JULY 2018.

University of Rijeka, Faculty of law, Hahlić 6, 51000 Rijeka (Civil law, Civil law clinic, Criminal substantive and procedural law, Criminal law, Company law, Commercial law, International public and private law, European law, Constitutional law, Family  law, Financial law, Land registry law, Marine and general traffic  law, Administrative law, Labor and social law)

Demonstration at the Chair of Law and State theory, mentor Professor Ivan Padjen

Public Speaking School

Faculty of Law Rijeka, Hahlić 6, Rijeka

Legal topics, public speaking, argumentation adopting the skills of being argumentative and purposeful in expression

SEPTEMBER 2010.- JUNE 2014.

Prva riječka hrvatska gimnazija: Opći smjer


English – C1

German – B2 


  • Preparation of legal submissions, contracts, remedies, research of legal institutes and simulated trials within the courses of the Civil law clinic and the Land registry course. The Civil law clinic is one of the few courses that contains a simulated trial. As part of that course, I also spent some time in a law firm studying the files and then going to court to look at litigation, which greatly helped me understand how theory applied in practice.
  • Writing a claim and answering a claim in English as part of the preparation for the simulated arbitration in Vienna (26th Vis Moot Vienna), representing the party in arbitration in front of judges, arbitrators, lawyers and professors from around the world. A number of rhetorical exercises were included in the preparation, with emphasis on clear expression. All exercises were performed in English.


Very good use of Microsoft Office tools (Word and PowerPoint)