Legal fields

We provide legal advice and representation especially in the following areas of law for you:

We obtain contracts for you, which are thoroughly reviewed by us before the contract is concluded. The contents of the contract are developed in close cooperation with architects and surveyors during the preparation of the contract and also include all other necessary legal services related to real estate in Croatia.

We organize the formation of a limited liability company for you. This includes a detailed consultation regarding the individual GmbH components in order to achieve an optimal result for you. In addition, we are in contact with the respective accounting and tax consulting companies, so that you can immediately access a “turnkey” solution.

We advise in the event of liquidation or insolvency of a limited liability company and, if necessary, file a lawsuit. This also applies to the possible exclusion of a founder or board member of the GmbH. In addition, we prepare shareholders’ meetings, advise on and draw up contracts relating to the sale of company shares, a division of shares or an increase in the share capital of a limited liability company.

In addition to advising on the applicable labor law, we draft employment contracts, terminate employment contracts, regulate the dispatch of workers from Croatia to other EU countries, undertake the registration of employers in the Labor Office and all other legal services related to lawsuits in the field of labor law.

We advise you on the Croatian tax system and convey basic principles of the Croatian tax system – advantages as well as disadvantages. In this area we work closely in cooperation with licensed tax advisors at the Croatian Ministry of Finance.

We obtain construction, architectural and supervisory contracts for you. Before any contract is signed, there is an intensive exchange with you and a detailed consultation. The aim is to find the optimal contract partners in Croatia for the project in question – for example, through a credit check with FINA. We advise you on possible security instruments and, if necessary, take appropriate measures for all construction contracts (e.g. Bianco promissory bill). We represent you in court when it comes to the fulfillment of contractual obligations or other disputes. Our firm also has a licensed mediator who can be called in before or during dispute proceedings.

We represent you in probate proceedings in Croatia or advise you in probate proceedings abroad involving real estate in Croatia. We assist in the enforcement of foreign probate decisions at the Croatian Land Registry. In addition, we draw up wills, lifetime maintenance agreements and other contracts under inheritance law and also provide advice on these issues.

We advise you out of court and in court on all matters relating to real estate ownership, property or real estate encumbrance.

We advise you out of court and in court on all matters relating to a priority notice in the land registry, registration in the land registry or deletion from the land registry in Croatia.

We advise you out of court and in court on all matters relating to marital divorce, child support, child maintenance, marital property and division of marital property.

We advise and represent you in court in the enforcement of Croatian or foreign titles to natural and legal persons in Croatia.

We advise and represent you in court in all cases of concluding contracts and enforcing or suing for rights and obligations arising from the relevant contract.

We advise and represent you in court in all compensation cases of contractual responsibility and non-contractual responsibility.

We advise you on the conclusion of rental agreements and take over all legal actions in relation to rental agreements.

We advise and represent you in court in cases concerning building permits, use permits, citizenship, tax residency or other administrative acts in Croatia.