Berislav Pavisic



About me



Croatian (native speaker)
French (passive)

Fields of expertise:

Specialist in criminal law


Croatian Bar Association


After elementary school he enrolled in Prva sušačka hrvatska gimnazija in Rijeka, where he graduated from high school. He then enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Rijeka. He graduated at the Department of Commerical and Corporate Law with the topic of his thesis “The organs of a joint stock company”. After graduating in 2004, he registered with the Croatian Bar Association and has been practicing as an independent attorney since 2009. He is the participant of the specialized postgraduate study of criminal investigation. Since 2019, he has been associated with the law firm Vaić and Dvorničić d.o.o. of Rijeka.

Over the years he has spent his free time practicing aikido, hiking and playing the bass guitar in a music band. He is a passionate fan of “vintage” vehicles and the history of motorcycle and auto racing.